Friday, May 16, 2008

Oh, what a beautiful morning...

I spent this morning in the Temple with Teeny Bopper (top secret blogging code name for my oldest daughter) and young women from our ward and two others in the stake. Although we had to get up really early it was a great experience for both of us. I baptized about thirty young women for between 10 and 15 people each and had a wonderful time. For four of these young ladies it was their first time doing baptisms and I could see that they were impressed by the spirit they felt.
This wasn't Teeny Bopper's first opportunity to do baptisms, but it was her first time in the Mesa Arizona Temple. It was neat to see her there and to talk with her afterwards about how she felt, the meaning of the ordinances, why we have temples, and how come all of this is important.
I would love to go on and on about my experience this morning, but I don’t have the time or mental energy right now (this is two days in a row getting up at 4am). I just wanted to record this experience before I got too busy to remember what a great morning I had.
I am grateful to live so close to the Temple, and thankful for a young lady who shared a very early morning with me in a holy place.

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