Monday, June 30, 2008

Remembering My Carnalito

Last night my mom, and two of my sisters were over for a visit. We always enjoy each other's company and talk until the cows came home.

After dinner we started talking about our memories of my Grandpa and Grandma Whetten and the different experiences our family had as they reached the end of their lives. It was good to hear Mom's perspective on the events and understand a little more how our family character has been shaped by these experiences.

Eventually the conversation got around to Timmy, and we each shared our experiences leading up to the day he passed away and the tremedous sorrow and comfort we felt during that eventful week. We all had a good cry as we remembered our feelings, and it was good to be together while we remembered him.

I don't really have a whole lot to say, just that I miss my little brother and am grateful for the opportunity I will have to be with him and the other members of my family who have passed on.

Love you Tim!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tagged by Dulcinea (aka Salsa Mama)

OK - this is the first time I've ever been tagged, so we'll see how it goes.

Here are the rules for playing the game: Post these rules on your blog; List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

- Joys

1) My sweet wife.
2) My wonderful children
3) Long motorcycle rides

- Fears

1) Losing any member of my family - physically, spiritually, etc.
2) Surviving a major motorcycle wreck (I'd rather die than be maimed for life)
3) Barack Obama becoming President (Heaven help us!)

- Goals

1) Be debt free and financially secure
2) Own a Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide (Rock On!!!)
3) Build a very nice house for my family

- Current Obsessions/Collections

1) Politics
2) Motorcycles
3) Firearms

-Surprising Facts

1) I am left handed but right eye dominant so I shoot a rifle/shotgun right handed but a pistol left handed. I also bat right handed but catch and throw left handed.
2) Heights terrify me
3) I think I talk too much

OK - I tag Armed Citizen, C, Jon, Teeny Bopper and Sweet G
(I don't know if any of them actually read my blog so this may be an exercise in futility.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

¡Viva San Carlos Baby!

OK, this post is a week overdue, but better late than never.

Last Thursday, June 12, my Dad called me up to tell me what a great time he was having in San Carlos with two of my brothers and their families. He rubbed it in for a little while and then offered to pay for my gas and my hotel room if I picked up and left right then with my family. I hesitated for a couple of seconds and then jetted out of there like I had my hair on fire.

The trip was a blast! We stayed in two different hotels right on the beach and played and played and played. It was my little boy's first time at the beach and he was scared at first, but then thoroughly enjoyed the water.

It was a great weekend with my folks and it sure did re-charge the batteries.

¡Gracias Jefes!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What goes around...

Several days ago I was having a real heart-to-heart discussion with Teeny Bopper about obedience. During the discussion I explained to her that my demand for obedience was not a power trip for me. I am larger and stronger than her and, if it came down to it, I could force her to comply with my requests by brute strength (at least until the cops came). My desire for her to be obedient was much more important than my personal ego. I explained that her mother and I have been around the block a few more times than she has and can see things that are beyond the horizons of her personal experience. More importantly, if she learned to be obedient in the small things that we asked of her (i.e. pick up your room, do your homework, stop beating your sister with a board, etc.) then obedience would be easier for her in the big moments of decision. (i.e. - chastity, word of wisdom, tithing, no dating till your 16, etc.)
In the middle of this discussion I had a flashback to when I was 12 years old and my dad was telling me: "Obedience is the 1st law of Heaven, and the sooner you learn that the easier your life will be."
Here I was, 23 years later, having the same discussion with my daughter. As I remembered that talk with my own dad the whole lesson he was trying to get through to me came together in a blinding moment of clarity. I understood why it was so important to be obedient, and how it really does make life easier once you have that lesson learned. I understood what Dad was saying and why.
Another revelation to me was that my dad's lessons actually got through my thick head and were still there to help me as an adult. I felt an overwhelming love for Dad and all of the times he taught me life's lessons and then repeated them over and over again. It also gave me great hope that the things I am telling my own kids are getting through to them and will one day help them out when they need it. Who knows? Maybe Teeny Bopper will have this discussion with her oldest child and remember her dad saying: "If you learn to be obedient in the small things, then it will be easy to be obedient to the big things." And maybe, just maybe, she will feel like saying what I am saying to my Dad in this post: "Thanks Dad!"