Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Item for 14 Years!

14 years ago today I proposed to Dulcinea on a love seat in the Celestial Room of the Mesa Temple. We picked that spot because most of our dating was doing sessions in the temple and it was where we both felt most at home.
I simply told her that I loved her, that I didn't have a whole lot in the way of worldly possesions, but that I would work hard to support her and promised to be faithful to her forever if she would have me.
Then, after an appropriate pause, she paid me the highest compliment I have ever been paid.
She said: "Yes!"
Thank you Dulcinea! I love you the mostest!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today we weren't as active as yesterday, but we did have fun with some traditional activities

We started out by talking about the Glen and Ada Whetten reunion for next year (see entry below), and creating a blog for it. Once this was done I took the kids to the swinging bridge for a death-defying walk across. Then we went up "the hill" in front of Mom and Dad's house and I drove the kids through the orchards on top to educate them on where fruit comes from. The peaches are just ripening up right now, and the apples will be following soon. Yum!

On our way down the hill I jumped out of the Whettenmobile and ran up to the money rock. I can still find it, and it is still topped by the rock I put over it during the Whetten reunion in 1980. (Not bad for 28 years)

Unfortunately my camera was a casualty of the descent down the hill, so these pictures might be the last ones I am able to post.

We just got back from Casas where we bought my son some cowboy boots. (I am tired of him digging out my daughter's high heels so he can clump around the house making noise. Now he can make noise and retain his masculine dignity - and mine.)

Now we are watching a spectacular thunder storm roll through the valley and having the lights flicker on and off. Boy this sure brings back the memories! See you all tomorrow.

OK - that last thunderclap just about gave me a stroke! Ay carray!

Calling all Glen and Ada Whetten's

Grandpa and Grandma Whetten were born 100 years ago next year and we think that a celebration is in order. Please join us in Colonia Juarez during the summer of 2009 to have a great big family reunion estilo Whetten. Tentative dates - last week in July or first week of August. (best time of year for good weather, plenty of fruit, beautiful green grass everywhere, cool evenings, etc)

Ed and Gayle have their "Motel 3" in fine form and can put up mucha raza.

For those interested in a longer stay and more adventure, come early for an expedition to the Basaseachic waterfall and Copper Canyon. Who knows? We may even get up to Chupe and the other mountain colonies. Plan on a service project and tire rolling down the Caracol. Zip line is greased and ready to go, teeter-totter now complies with OSHA standards, and the swing has the ropes pre-attached for maximum altitude. Volleyball, rattlesnake taming, and counting Aunt Louise's cats thrown in for free. We'll drive you in from El Paso if you need to fly in, and meet you at the border if you want to caravan down.

Spread the word, start making the plans and reserve the time - 'cause this event will only happen once in our lifetimes.

We have set up a blog so we can have a central clearing house for all information relating to the reunion. Please visit: www.glenandadawhetten.blogspot.com for more information, answers to your questions, and links to useful sites.

Uncle Ed says: "Many of you have not been back in years, and this is an excellent time to repent."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She thinks my tractor's sexy...

Day three of the vacation has come and gone and we have had a lot of fun with it. I started the day by going to Dad's office at the church and setting up some agendas and form letters for him. We had a good visit while we were doing this and I just enjoyed being around my dad. When we got home we were both starving but Dulcinea and C ran out of the door with Little Miss telling me that we had to get down to Casas right then to check Little Miss' hearing. (End result - moderate hearing loss in the lower ranges. I had some cool looking ear wax pulled out of my ear and got to see my own eardrums) Thanks Carnal!

By the time we got down there I was fainting with hunger so I ran over to Tortas Chuma and got some muy delicioso tortas and a Mexican Coke (arrrrrrrr - Mexican Coke).

My hunger abated- we returned home via the liquado store where we all got liquados. Mine was the best (and biggest). Melon baby!

Got home and pushed the kids on the swings/teeter-totter, then hopped on the tractor to take the kids for rides. Dr. Destructo did not want to get off and kept grabbing the steering wheel for the whole ride. Little Miss also steered through town. Unfortunately my lap wasn't big enough to let Teeny Bopper, Sweet G, or Blondie sit on it and steer, so I just moved over and let them drive it. (OK - true confessions, my lap is big enough, it's just covered by a very large belly)

I ended the day going to the temple with Dad. It was a great experience and he led me into the
Celestial Room. All in all, a fantabulous day. Stay tuned for more updates mañana.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Driving Miss Daisy (Teeny Bopper)

One of the fun family traditions we have when visiting Mexico is underage driving. In keeping with this fine family tradition I took my daughter Teeny Bopper out on the streets to terrorize the innocent. I was actually pretty proud of her - there was only one fatality, and that was a bird on the side of the road that was already dead anyway. We went all over town and then out past San Diego to Mata Ortiz. She got the suburban up to 50 mph and passed and got passed by cars. All in all a pretty reckless afternoon. More tomorrow.

Teeny Bopper at the end of her journey. I took over for the drive home at this point.

I'm Home!

My family and I are spending the week down home in Colonia Juarez. It has been raining, so everything is green and beautiful, and the weather is absolutely wonderful.
We will take in an endowment session at the temple tonight, do some baptisms with Teeny Bopper later on, and end the week by baptizing Blondie down at the "Nick".

I love being home, and will hate going back next Tuesday. In the meantime, I will enjoy this:

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Tactical Advantage

Just a quick post to show my newest acquisition in the pistola department. I have had a compact Glock 23 in .40S&W (top picture) for the past two years and have absolutely loved it. Unfortunately it isn't the easiest pistol to conceal on my large frame, and so I have been looking around for a smaller alternative. My first thought was a Ruger SP101 in .357 Magnum (middle picture), but it only holds 5 rounds, reloading on the fly is a dog, and concealing speed loaders just adds to the headache. I also don't have a very steady trigger pull when shooting DA revolvers, so I would have difficulty hitting the broad side of a toilet. Since theoretically my life could depend on the little smokewagon I want to diminish the complications as much as possible. I know, I know - practice makes perfect. But if I could find a gun that I could shoot well right out of the box and then improve my ability from that vantage point - life would be better.

The obvious solution to this issue is a sub-compact pistol. After visiting several gun stores I found the perfect solution for me - The Glock 27 in .40S&W (bottom picture). I found a good used one with Trijicon Nightsights at Bear Mountain Sports, and am now the proud owner of a sub-compact pistol.

This little beauty is a breeze to carry and has the added advantage of being able to use the higher capacity magazines I already own for my Glock 23. I can now go armed with greater frequency and comfort.

I still think I will eventually pick up that little SP101, because I've admired them from afar for a long time. But for right now I am very happy with my purchase.
"God created man. Colonel Colt made him equal. Gaston Glock gave some a tactical advantage."

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Banners and Ensigns

My flag display for yesterday's Ward Independence Day breakfast turned out so awesome I just had to share it. The flags are in chronological order from left to right with the current US flag and the Arizona Flag on either side of the table. (You can't tell what it is in this picture, but the white square on top of the table is a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence flanked by two brass eagles.)
I printed out a bunch of handouts with pictures of each of the flags along with a short history of the flag and its significance in US History. I was thrilled to see several adults and even a few children walk down the line of flags with the handout, holding each flag out from its pole to get a better look. The feeling it gave me made all the sweat, blisters and expense of putting the display together worth it.
Although this wasn't the first time I have done this display at our ward party, it was the first time all of my flags were on their own poles. It was a fulfillment of a long-time goal I have had of putting my flags together in this type of a display. I had a blast doing it and look forward to future opportunities to share my love of our flag with other groups. (Next up - Rotary Club on September 16)

Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day!!!

Hands down, Independence Day is my favorite holiday of the year. I am inspired by the events that led to that momentous day, the courageous men and women who paid the price for us to become a nation, and the brave Americans who have fought to keep us free over the last 232 years.

My family and I have a few different traditions associated with July 4th that I love to participate in. (Some of it drives my kids nuts, but I hope they will appreciate it as they get older)
  • We get matching flag shirts to wear throughout the day
  • We listen to patriotic music all day long
  • We read the Declaration of Independence out loud
  • We put a larger than normal flag on our flag pole out front
  • I buy a new flag to fly on the flagpole until my birthday the following year.
  • We go to our ward's Independence Day breakfast
  • I put up my historic flag collection for display at the Ward Breakfast
  • We go to watch fireworks at Mesa Community College (which we will change this year since I no longer work in the area)
  • I read books about the Founding Father's, the Revolutionary War, or famous American quotes
  • We all get an overwhelming feeling of love for our country.
Happy Birthday America!!!

God Bless the USA!!!