Thursday, September 1, 2011

Stereotypes Rule!

Last night our ward had its annual swim party at a local pool.  In the weeks leading up to the party several of the men commented on the cannonball contest that was held at each party and asked me whether or not I would be competing.  (I guess they were expecting something spectacular due to my rather portly figure)
I really didn't want to compete for a few reasons:

  • Heights terrify me and the contest was to be held off the high dive
  • I always worry that the diving board will snap off when I get out on the end
  • I didn't want to prove the stereotype that the fat guy ALWAYS wins the cannonball contest (it is technique, not size, that wins)

Hats (or crowns) off to the previous holders of the Salt River Ward Splash King title:

2006 - Brian O'Barr
2007 - Jay Coombs
2008 - Tim Green
2009 - Brian O'Barr
2010 - Gregor McHardy
2011 - Yours Truly

1 comment:

Salsa Mama said...

Hey-remember that the other finalists were little guys, so there must be something to the technique... :)