Monday, June 23, 2008

¡Viva San Carlos Baby!

OK, this post is a week overdue, but better late than never.

Last Thursday, June 12, my Dad called me up to tell me what a great time he was having in San Carlos with two of my brothers and their families. He rubbed it in for a little while and then offered to pay for my gas and my hotel room if I picked up and left right then with my family. I hesitated for a couple of seconds and then jetted out of there like I had my hair on fire.

The trip was a blast! We stayed in two different hotels right on the beach and played and played and played. It was my little boy's first time at the beach and he was scared at first, but then thoroughly enjoyed the water.

It was a great weekend with my folks and it sure did re-charge the batteries.

¡Gracias Jefes!

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