Thursday, August 28, 2008

New Adventures

The last few weeks have been interesting ones. I have spent two Sundays with my family, sitting on the bench with them and pretty much spending the entire day with them. I thought it would feel real weird, but it feels like I never left. (OK - not having meetings all day long did feel a little weird) Watching Bro. Griner on the stand is cool and it is neat to look back on the bishopric as an experience that I have had in my life.
I am now serving as Secretary in the Stake Young Men's Presidency and am real excited about the opportunities this calling will give me to learn and grow. We have a fantastic presidency, and I will learn a lot from each one of them. This is going to be great!
I was also called to be one of the two Gospel Doctrine teachers in our ward and gave my first lesson this past Sunday. I have always wanted to serve as a Gospel Doctrine teacher, so I am going to enjoy this and learn a lot in the process (we've got a great class).

Day after tomorrow my wife and I fly out to Minneapolis-St. Paul for the Republican National Convention. I was elected as an alternate delegate earlier this year and am in awe about this opportunity to see and participate in one of America's greatest political events. It is also going to be really cool to spend a full week with my wife. I'm sure we'll miss the kids, but we have never spent more than three consecutive days with just the two of us since we were married almost 14 years ago (including our honeymoon). It is going to be like one giant, enormous date with Dulcinea! Cool!!!


Blog Stalker said...

You sure you want to call it a G.D. Teacher. Sorry, I'm still laughing. Seen too many text messages to not see the humor in that. But just so as not to confuse anyone, you might want to change that. Or maybe you were subliminally stating your TRUE feelings.

Sorry, just poking fun

Have fun as a UNIT Commissioner. Scouting Rocks!

Keeper of Banners said...

Touché - I thought about that when I first put the post up, but then got distracted. I think I'll fix it before I forge... Hey look- squirrels!

Tulsi said...

I just got the G.D. Teacher thing. It was already changed but it's to funny. My husband just was put in the Bishopric, I'll pass the teacher thing along. He will love it. You already feel like you are going to the principal's office when you are called in to the Bishopric. There are enough letters meaning different Military things that I don't get. When my daughter got married, her initials became BS. Totally fits her. Daughter 2 has to marry and E because she can't loose the ME initials. Nice to know life still feels normal when you are released from the Bishopric. I'll look forward to that!

Melinda said...

Congrats on stake calling. You will be great with the young men. Your trip sounds exciting. Please let me know if there is anyway I can help with your kids while you are gone. You two kids have funn!

Salsa Mama said...

Ooooooh, yeah!! I can't wait to be with my honey!

ajwhet10 said...

Sobrino, I am just tickled for you to have this awesome opportunity to see a bit of history being made. Be safe with all the crazies out there. Muchas felicidades..and have fun, Don Quijote. :)