Tuesday, May 26, 2009


On Friday my beautiful wife gave birth to a little boy, bringing our family count to 6 children (4 girls and 2 boys). I love having babies in the house. They bring a special joy all on their own, and add to the joy we feel for each of our other children. One of the things I especially love about adding a member to our family is the reaction of the older children. Seeing their excitement at a new sibling just increases the happiness in our home and gives us new memories to cherish down the road.

The response I am always most interested in is the one from the next youngest child - the one whose position as the baby has just been passed on. When our second child, Sweet G, was born Teeny Bopper was thrilled to have a real live dolly to play with - until she had been home for a couple of days. At the end of the second day home she kept telling my wife that "It's time for the baby to go home now" and "Take the baby back to its mommy." We thought it was hilarious. Fortunately Teeny Bopper got over her jealousy in about a week, and her and Sweet G. have been the best of friends since then.

Two and a half years ago our family was blessed with our first boy. He has been so different from the girls, and has received a lot of attention from his four "other mommies" as a result. We were hoping that Baby Bean would be a boy so that he and Dr. D. could be buddies growing up. Our wishes were granted, and we now have two little boys in our home. Yesterday we brought mommy and Baby Bean home from the hospital, and Dr. Destructo began bonding with gusto. Just a few minutes after we had settled down I was holding Baby Bean on the couch when Dr. Destructo came running up with some of his toys to show Baby Bean. Then, in the most earnest and sincere voice he could muster he looked directly at his new brother, called out his name and said: "Play ball, me?"


RhondaLue said...

he's so adorable! Smaller looking in person but I can see both sides in his sweet little face!

Melinda said...

Love It!