Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Changes and Challenges

Stake Conference has come and gone, and with it a new calling for me. I was called to serve as 1st Counselor in the Stake Young Men's Presidency. I am stoked for this new calling and the opportunity it will give me to work with the Varsity Scouting program in our district. While I was attending Trader Joe's funeral on the 23rd, I thought to myself: "I hope that my next Scouting Assignment involves me with the Varsity Scouts. These guys look like my kind of people, and they sure do seem to have a ton of fun." Three days later President Porter called me in for an interview and extended this calling to me.

I am looking forward to learning a ton from the amazing leaders in this district and working with our great team coaches, giving them the support they need to have a world class program for our boys.
My blood now begins to change colors from a deep red to blaze orange. Wah Pilgrim!

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Melinda said...

How Neat! You will do an awesome job! Congrats.