Monday, November 21, 2011

Day 2 - Arizona Winter Weather

While the rest of the country dreams (or digs out) of a white Christmas, here in AZ we wear shorts.  In fact December weather is one of the great blessings of living in Arizona.  (We won't mention May thru September)
The days are absolutely beautiful!
I love being outside, going for walks, enjoying the winter rye grass lawns and just plain enjoying the freedom of lower temperatures. 
While I do miss the dramatic changes of the seasons I enjoyed growing up in Mexico, the change in temperature is dramatic enough to keep me smilin'.
Yep - Arizona is mighty fine in wintertime.  Just ask half of Canada, 3/4's of Minnesota and all of the Dakota's. 


Drama Queen #1 said...
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Salsa Mama said...

Yep, it's mighty fine weather right now. A walk sounds nice, we should do that. We can even call it a date...;)

Melinda said...

Weather is so nice! Hope it it nice on Thanksgiving day too. Excited to see you all.