Tuesday, July 29, 2008

An Item for 14 Years!

14 years ago today I proposed to Dulcinea on a love seat in the Celestial Room of the Mesa Temple. We picked that spot because most of our dating was doing sessions in the temple and it was where we both felt most at home.
I simply told her that I loved her, that I didn't have a whole lot in the way of worldly possesions, but that I would work hard to support her and promised to be faithful to her forever if she would have me.
Then, after an appropriate pause, she paid me the highest compliment I have ever been paid.
She said: "Yes!"
Thank you Dulcinea! I love you the mostest!

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Jed said...

Wow Paul! I cant get over how young you guys look! Are we all getting older? I guess we are, so we might as well enjoy it. Thank goodness for great women who make us better. Congrats on 14 years primo.