Wednesday, July 16, 2008

She thinks my tractor's sexy...

Day three of the vacation has come and gone and we have had a lot of fun with it. I started the day by going to Dad's office at the church and setting up some agendas and form letters for him. We had a good visit while we were doing this and I just enjoyed being around my dad. When we got home we were both starving but Dulcinea and C ran out of the door with Little Miss telling me that we had to get down to Casas right then to check Little Miss' hearing. (End result - moderate hearing loss in the lower ranges. I had some cool looking ear wax pulled out of my ear and got to see my own eardrums) Thanks Carnal!

By the time we got down there I was fainting with hunger so I ran over to Tortas Chuma and got some muy delicioso tortas and a Mexican Coke (arrrrrrrr - Mexican Coke).

My hunger abated- we returned home via the liquado store where we all got liquados. Mine was the best (and biggest). Melon baby!

Got home and pushed the kids on the swings/teeter-totter, then hopped on the tractor to take the kids for rides. Dr. Destructo did not want to get off and kept grabbing the steering wheel for the whole ride. Little Miss also steered through town. Unfortunately my lap wasn't big enough to let Teeny Bopper, Sweet G, or Blondie sit on it and steer, so I just moved over and let them drive it. (OK - true confessions, my lap is big enough, it's just covered by a very large belly)

I ended the day going to the temple with Dad. It was a great experience and he led me into the
Celestial Room. All in all, a fantabulous day. Stay tuned for more updates mañana.

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