Thursday, July 17, 2008


Today we weren't as active as yesterday, but we did have fun with some traditional activities

We started out by talking about the Glen and Ada Whetten reunion for next year (see entry below), and creating a blog for it. Once this was done I took the kids to the swinging bridge for a death-defying walk across. Then we went up "the hill" in front of Mom and Dad's house and I drove the kids through the orchards on top to educate them on where fruit comes from. The peaches are just ripening up right now, and the apples will be following soon. Yum!

On our way down the hill I jumped out of the Whettenmobile and ran up to the money rock. I can still find it, and it is still topped by the rock I put over it during the Whetten reunion in 1980. (Not bad for 28 years)

Unfortunately my camera was a casualty of the descent down the hill, so these pictures might be the last ones I am able to post.

We just got back from Casas where we bought my son some cowboy boots. (I am tired of him digging out my daughter's high heels so he can clump around the house making noise. Now he can make noise and retain his masculine dignity - and mine.)

Now we are watching a spectacular thunder storm roll through the valley and having the lights flicker on and off. Boy this sure brings back the memories! See you all tomorrow.

OK - that last thunderclap just about gave me a stroke! Ay carray!


C said...

I love that picture of the kids on the bridge!!!

You're an awesome tio :-)


Melinda Pink said...

Man that storm would of been nice to be in. I am glad you got a short relief from this heat.

Smith Family- Puerto Rico Style said...

I love reading about your time in Col. Juarez! I am so embarassed to say that the last time I was there I was puking up more than the town drunk and not much fun (I was pregnant with my first son). It is time for me to go back for sure!

Mom2my9 (still Jen, just changed my name! Again!) said...

Hey Primo! I'm so, so sorry I missed you guys! And I'm sorry I missed the storms, too. They had better not be all gone. I'm glad you got to go through the house. You probably know what it looks like better than I as I haven't been there in several weeks. Hopefully we can move in soon. The apartamento is too small!

Mom2my9 (still Jen, just changed my name! Again!) said...

P.S. Are you going to enter my contest? I'm sure you have SOME homemaking skills and I'm sure that Sally would like another entry in the chance to win the Mazatlan Souvenir!