Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I'm Home!

My family and I are spending the week down home in Colonia Juarez. It has been raining, so everything is green and beautiful, and the weather is absolutely wonderful.
We will take in an endowment session at the temple tonight, do some baptisms with Teeny Bopper later on, and end the week by baptizing Blondie down at the "Nick".

I love being home, and will hate going back next Tuesday. In the meantime, I will enjoy this:


Jed said...

I am definitely jealous! How I wish I was there and we could go off to the swimming hole, or get some fireworks, go to Tortas Para, get a genuine Paleta, go to the ruins, go to San Diego, Visit Mata Ortiz,Trek to Chuichupa, or Maybe all of the above

Christine said...

I am very jealous, too, but Jed forgot one thing - a dance on Grandma's porch - hahahaha!

Have a good time for me, too.

Jed said...

As much as that is a truly great memory Christine, It cannot be duplicated. Grandma's porch is no more. No bad feelings but it is not the same place anymore. When are we gonna plan a cool cousin get-together down south. It would be fun! Of course lets wait till the violence ebbs a little.

Jed said...

Paul, those pictures remind me of when I was teaching Desirae to drive down there with your dad. It was lots of fun, and in the rain too. It is amazing to look back and see how far your kids have come. She's now almost 17, is constantly dating and working, and giving her dad gray hairs. Where did my little girl go. She is so fun, but I definitely find myself letting Ashleigh be a baby longer than any of the other kids.

P.S. It will be awesome having her at Heritage Acadamy this fall with our kids.

Melinda Pink said...

Love the hamock. When I was down in June I loved laying under the tree. Your dad definately looks good in it, glad he got to get his feet a bit. It would of been cool if you were down the same time Dan and I were down. I missed out on the beach. Becka totally had fun with yall....jealous. Your family looks great..I am glad you got your little man some boots too!