Friday, July 4, 2008

Independence Day!!!

Hands down, Independence Day is my favorite holiday of the year. I am inspired by the events that led to that momentous day, the courageous men and women who paid the price for us to become a nation, and the brave Americans who have fought to keep us free over the last 232 years.

My family and I have a few different traditions associated with July 4th that I love to participate in. (Some of it drives my kids nuts, but I hope they will appreciate it as they get older)
  • We get matching flag shirts to wear throughout the day
  • We listen to patriotic music all day long
  • We read the Declaration of Independence out loud
  • We put a larger than normal flag on our flag pole out front
  • I buy a new flag to fly on the flagpole until my birthday the following year.
  • We go to our ward's Independence Day breakfast
  • I put up my historic flag collection for display at the Ward Breakfast
  • We go to watch fireworks at Mesa Community College (which we will change this year since I no longer work in the area)
  • I read books about the Founding Father's, the Revolutionary War, or famous American quotes
  • We all get an overwhelming feeling of love for our country.
Happy Birthday America!!!

God Bless the USA!!!

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