Saturday, July 5, 2008

Banners and Ensigns

My flag display for yesterday's Ward Independence Day breakfast turned out so awesome I just had to share it. The flags are in chronological order from left to right with the current US flag and the Arizona Flag on either side of the table. (You can't tell what it is in this picture, but the white square on top of the table is a framed copy of the Declaration of Independence flanked by two brass eagles.)
I printed out a bunch of handouts with pictures of each of the flags along with a short history of the flag and its significance in US History. I was thrilled to see several adults and even a few children walk down the line of flags with the handout, holding each flag out from its pole to get a better look. The feeling it gave me made all the sweat, blisters and expense of putting the display together worth it.
Although this wasn't the first time I have done this display at our ward party, it was the first time all of my flags were on their own poles. It was a fulfillment of a long-time goal I have had of putting my flags together in this type of a display. I had a blast doing it and look forward to future opportunities to share my love of our flag with other groups. (Next up - Rotary Club on September 16)

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